Bring Web2 to Web3 tied to your identity

Share Easily
Forget about long addresses that have to constantly copy and paste. Share your .mtrg domains instead!
Simple Transaction
For the receiver to say, "send it to hello.mtrg" rather than memorizing or reading out a 42 character code.
Your Full Control
.mtrg domains are ERC721. Your domains are securely stored in your wallet and only you can manage and move them.
Safe & Secure
Audited Smart contracts ensure that sending money to the .mtrg domains are just as secure as sending to a regular address.
Integrate .mtrg domains into your project. It makes your wallet & dApp more user-friendly.
Transfer .mtrg domains
Transfer .mtrg domains between (domains or addresses) very easily.


What is blockchain domains?
A blockchain domain is an asset on the blockchain. Blockchain domains are designed to resolve your domains and wallet using smart contracts.
Can I transfer my .mtrg domain?
Yes, .mtrg domains are ERC721(NFT), you can transfer your domains with the wallets that supports ERC721.
Does .mtrg domains compatible with traditional ICANN domains?
No, .mtrg domains are built with blockchain technology.
How to connect metamask wallet and transfer MTRG?
Connect Metamask: Will be ready soon
Can .mtrg domains be traded on NFT maketplace?
Yes, .mtrg domains may be traded on marketplaces soon.
How much does it cost to register?
Currently, registration costs are set at the following prices:
- 6 chars+
- 5 chars
- 4 chars
- 3 chars
- 2 chars